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One of the best things about living in China is that you are exposed everyday to a bombardment of assaults on the English language known by expats as "Chinglish." No drunken nonsense hatched in your skull could possibly match the grammatic shenanigans concocted by Chinese students of English.

Chinglish: Please Come Down From Your Bicycle Chinglish: Enjoy Stand Toilet Chinglish: Giant pregnant stone

And who can argue with the stark mandate to "come down from your bicycle?" Who can ignore the edict to enoy upright bowel evacuation, or the courtyard stone that is "pregnant with the open and aboveboard meaning?"

I harvested most of these slogans from my students' school supplies while in the classroom. If you've got some Chinglish you want to share, YOUR SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME!!!

On a Backpack:

From Pencil Cases:

Chinglish: Little Sheep New Taste!

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